Rama Krishna Tulsi: What is the difference between Rama Tulsi and Krishna Tulsi, know which is beneficial for health

Difference between Rama and Shyama Tulsi: Tulsi plant has a special significance in Hinduism. While it has religious significance from the point of view of worship, it has been considered as a panacea for many diseases in Ayurveda. Tulsi has great importance in Ayurveda and domestic medicine. Tulsi has so many health benefits that it is also called a magical herb. There are many types of Tulsi, but Ram Tulsi and Krishna Tulsi are used the most.

Indian Express According to the news, there is often a doubt in the minds of people regarding Ram Tulsi and Krishna Tulsi. Do you know about both types of basil? If you do not know the difference, then we tell you which basil is beneficial for your health.

Used in many diseases
Giving information about Rama Tulsi and Krishna Tulsi, Dr. Priyanka Rohatgi, Chief Clinical Dietician, Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore said, Rama Tulsi is mostly used in religious works as well as it is used as a medicine in many types of diseases. is put into use.

According to experts, Ram Tulsi has a sweeter taste than any other Tulsi. Along with this, the leaves of Ram Tulsi are green in color.

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On the other hand, Krishna Tulsi is also known as Shyama Tulsi. The color of its leaves is dark green and purple. Its stem is also purple in color. The use of Krishna Tulsi is very little or negligible in religious works. Krishna Tulsi is also mildly bitter in taste. Both Tulsi have special significance in their own place. Putting Ram Tulsi in the house brings peace, while Krishna Tulsi or Shyama Tulsi is also used in Ayurveda.

Which is Rama Tulsi or Krishna Tulsi beneficial for health?
According to experts, both Rama and Krishna Tulsi are very beneficial for health. Both basil are used in the treatment of fever, skin problems, digestive problems etc. Ram Tulsi is considered to be a natural immunity-boosting plant, along with many times people also use it to reduce the risk of high blood pressure and stress. Ram Tulsi is also known for its anti-cancer properties.

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On the other hand, if we talk about Krishna Tulsi, then it is mainly known to prevent the problem of cough and cold in children. People who have respiratory diseases also use Krishna Tulsi. Its anti-oxidant properties are helpful in reducing anti-heart diseases. Krishna Tulsi is also beneficial in the problem of diabetes.

Consumption of basil is beneficial in reducing obesity
In the studies done so far about basil, it has also been revealed that consuming its water also helps in reducing obesity and weight. Along with this, it is also very effective for patients with bad breath. Krishna Tulsi also helps in increasing the length and breadth of children.

Health experts believe that there is also a way to consume basil. Two to four leaves should be consumed every morning on an empty stomach. Apart from this, it can also be consumed by mixing its leaves in tea.

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