Redmi 8A, Realme C2, Zenfone Max M1: Best smartphones under Rs 7,000 (November 2019)

Best Phones Under Rs. 7000: Till a few years back, the affordable smartphone market was occupied by indigenous companies. To say this, there were smartphones. But the experience of using them was nothing special. The situation has completely changed after the arrival of Chinese and Taiwanese companies. Customers can now buy decent performance handsets for less than Rs 7,000. Xiaomi, Realme, Asus and Infinix sell many good phones in this price range such as Redmi 8A, Realme C2, Asus ZenFone Max M1 and Redmi 6A etc.

In this article, we will give you a list of smartphones under Rs 7,000. As always, this list includes only those phones that we have tested. If your budget is more than Rs.7,000 then you can go for 8,Best phones under Rs. 000, Best phones under Rs 10,000 And Best phones under Rs 15,000 You can also take a look at the list of

List of best smartphones under Rs 7,000

Redmi 8A

from Xiaomi redmi 8a Comes with better performance at an affordable price. The design of Redmi 8A is simple but this phone looks good and will get many features. The display gives good viewing angles and the color reproduction is also good. to redmi a8 review While doing this, we found that the performance of the phone is similar compared to other models coming in the same price segment.
There is a single rear camera at the back of the phone that takes crisp shots, although the details are not very good, especially in low light. To bring life to the Redmi 8A, a 5,000 mAh battery has been provided which supports 18 W fast charging but in the retail box you will get a 10 W charger only.

In terms of battery performance, the Redmi 8A lasted for 16 hours and 31 minutes in our HD video loop test. There are two variants of Redmi 8A, one is 2 GB RAM + 32 GB storage and the other is 3 GB RAM and 32 GB storage. The price difference between the 2GB and 3GB models is very less, so we would recommend going for the 3GB RAM variant.

Realme C2

realme c1, has been a part of this list for a long time. its upgrade now Realme C2 Has made a place for itself in the list of best smartphones under Rs 7,000. Realme C2 is better than its old variant in terms of design, software and performance. The smartphone is beautiful to look at and the performance is average. During the review, we did not have any complaint with the performance of this phone. However, the smartphone does slow down a bit when the notification shade is turned down.
The battery life of this smartphone is good. The phone lasted 20 hours 29 minutes in the HD video loop test. ColorOS 6 based on Android 9 Pie will be liked by many users. In terms of camera, the Realme C2 definitely disappoints.

During the review, we were able to take decent photos in daylight from Realme C2. But the lack of detail was clearly visible in distant objects. We also found that the Realme C2 was not consistent in terms of exposure.

Realme sells three variants of this phone – 2 GB + 16 GB, 2 GB + 32 GB and 3 GB + 32 GB. Only 2 GB RAM variants of this phone are available for less than Rs 7,000.

Asus ZenFone Max M1

Asus Zenfone Max M1 It was launched in October last year for Rs 8,999. After the price cut, this phone has become even cheaper. The design of this Asus phone definitely looks a bit old. Because notch and hole-punch designs are in trend these days. The ZenFone Max M1 is a great option in a budget under Rs 7,000 due to performance and good battery life.

The smartphone has an outdated Snapdragon 430 processor. But it does not affect the performance. In the review, we found that this phone gives good support. The performance of its camera in low light is disappointing. Asus ZenFone Max M1 takes good pictures in daylight. But lags completely in low light. ,

The Asus ZenFone Max M1 handset lasted 11 hours 32 minutes in the HD video loop test. Asus sells only one variant of this phone in India. It comes with 3 GB RAM and 32 GB storage.

Redmi 6A

redmi 6a Even if it’s nine months old. But this is one of the best handsets of Xiaomi in the budget segment. It is beautiful in appearance. Gives reasonable performance for its price. The phone did slow down several times in our review. But the situation is not hopeless. The battery life of Redmi 6A is good and the phone lasted for 13 hours and 22 minutes in the HD video loop test.

The cameras are fine too. It captures detail and vibrant colors. Like other smartphones in the budget segment, the Redmi 6A also lags in low light. Redmi 6A buyers may be annoyed by spammy notifications.

Xiaomi sells two variants of this phone in the market – 2 GB + 16 GB and 2 GB + 32 GB. Both the variants are available for less than Rs 7,000. It is worth noting that Xiaomi has recently launched Redmi 7A in India. Its price starts from Rs 5,999. We will review this phone in the coming days. In such a situation, I would suggest you to wait for a while.

Infinix Note 5

Infinix Note 5 is a good option in a budget under Rs 7,000. Infinix Note 5 Even if it’s a bit old. But it presents a strong claim in the price segment. The phone was launched last year at an initial price of Rs 9,999. But after the price cut, the base variant of Infinix Note 5 has been priced at Rs 6,999. We found in the review that this phone from Infinix gives usable performance. Its battery life is also good. In the HD video loop test, the battery of Infinix Note 5 lasted for 9 hours and 40 minutes.

The display of the phone goes in its favor. It comes with the best display in this price range. This phone is part of the Android One program. That is, you will get the experience of stock Android. The 12 megapixel rear camera gives average performance.

Two variants of Infinix Note 5 are available in the market – 3 GB + 32 GB and 4 GB + 64 GB. However, only the 3 GB RAM variant is available for less than Rs 7,000.

Infinix Smart 3 Plus

in this price segment Infinix Smart 3 Plus should also be taken into account. Especially when you’re serious about cameras and battery life. It is the only handset in this price segment that is equipped with three rear cameras. Because of this it is possible to take good pictures from the phone. In the review, we found that photos taken in daylight turned out to be good, especially close-up shots. The colors look natural and the gradients are also captured with detail. Due to the low light sensor, photography is helped at night.

The battery life of Infinix Smart 3 Plus is good. The phone’s battery lasted for 14 hours 57 minutes in the HD video loop test. The general performance of the smartphone gets a setback due to the low RAM. The only variant of Infinix Smart 3 Plus is available in the market, which is equipped with 2 GB RAM and 32 GB storage.

Best Smartphones under Rs 7,000 – (Other Options)

Lenovo K9

If you can wait for the next sale Lenovo K9 is a good option. Right now it is available for Rs 7,999. But during the sale it sells for Rs 6,999. The design of the phone is captivating, but it is a bit outdated. Its user interface is very clean. Lenovo K9 is good in terms of performance. But during the review, we found that it lags a bit in handling powerful apps.

The battery life of the smartphone is good. The phone supported the HD video loop test for 11 hours and 22 minutes. Lenovo K9 is a bit weak in camera performance. This Lenovo phone has only one variant – 3 GB RAM and 32 GB storage.

Nokia 6.1

Nokia 6.1 There is another smartphone which is available after the discount in the sale for Rs 6,999. If you are able to buy it for Rs 7,000 then this is a great option. In the review, we said that the Nokia 6.1 comes with the best build quality. In terms of performance and battery life, the phone grabbed our attention. The battery of Nokia 6.1 lasted for 11 hours and 45 minutes in the HD video loop test.

Nokia sells two variants of Nokia 6.1 in India – 3GB + 32GB and 4GB + 64GB. However, only 3 GB RAM variants are available in the cell for less than Rs 7,000.

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