There may be a sudden risk of gestational diabetes in pregnancy, how to prevent


gestational diabetes occurs suddenly during pregnancy
Blurred vision due to retinopathy in pregnancy

gestational diabetes Whenever you go to your doctor, they always ask you whether you have diabetes or high blood pressure. They ask this because both these diseases affect almost every system of the body. According to the estimates of the International Diabetes Federation Atlas, as of 2019, 77 million people in India’s adult population were suffering from diabetes. Most people think that there are only two types of diabetes – one type 1 diabetes and the other type 2 diabetes. But there is also a third diabetes which is generally ignored. This is gestational diabetes. That is, this disease emerges suddenly during pregnancy.

what is the reason
During pregnancy, a lot is happening inside a woman’s body. In such a situation, diabetes interferes in the body. Gestational diabetes (gestational diabetes) can harm both the mother and the baby if it is not treated on time. Gestational diabetes is associated with high blood pressure in pregnancy. Due to this, the woman has an increased risk of stroke or blood clot formation during delivery. This can also cause the problem of low blood sugar in the newborn. Another cause of gestational diabetes is retinopathy. Due to retinopathy in pregnancy, blurred vision starts from the eyes. Blindness can also result if left untreated. Retinopathy can also be caused by high blood pressure. In this, the soft blood vessels of the retina are damaged.

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Which women are at risk
A research paper published in the Indian Journal of Ophthalmology states that women with type 1 diabetes are at the highest risk of developing gestational diabetes. According to the research, the risk of diabetic retinopathy in women with type 1 diabetes was 57 percent to 62 percent in the first investigation, while it was 17 percent to 28 percent in women with type 2 diabetes. However, by controlling blood sugar, most women with diabetes today can have a safe delivery, just like women without diabetes. For this, attention has to be paid to the management of diet and constant monitoring of insulin levels under the supervision of doctors.

how to treat
Like most diseases, prevention and treatment of diabetic retinopathy is essential. If you see blurred vision in pregnancy, then immediately consult a doctor and treat it. This requires regular check-ups and medication. You must see your eye specialist for examination. Although this disease is not detected in the beginning. Keeping this in view, Network 18 in association with Novartis has launched “Eye Suraksha – India Against Diabetes Initiative” to create awareness about diabetic retinopathy. Under this initiative a series of awareness camps will be organized across the country. You can get detailed information about this at

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