These 5 habits of yours are the reason for high cholesterol, bring changes in lifestyle immediately


Excess weight can increase the risk of high cholesterol.
High consumption of alcohol can increase HDL.

Habits increasing cholesterol: The problem of high cholesterol has become quite common these days. Poor lifestyle and diet are considered to be the biggest reason for this. The problem of high cholesterol can be dangerous for the heart. In such a situation, it is necessary that we control our rising cholesterol level and take measures to get rid of it. For this it is necessary that we change some of our habits. eatdisnotthat Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine Dr. Joshua Septimus told that our liver makes all kinds of cholesterol according to the needs of our body. Some of these depend on our lifestyle and food habits and form good and bad cholesterol. Here we tell you that due to which your habits increase the problem of high cholesterol.

cause of high cholesterol

Smoking works to increase low density lipoprotein ie bad cholesterol, which is very harmful for the heart. It harms not only the heart, but also the brain and lungs. Very harmful for the heart.

If you have gained a lot of weight, then it can increase the risk of high cholesterol. If you are a victim of obesity and you also have the problem of high cholesterol, then first of all you should try to reduce your obesity. If you do not do this, you will also become a victim of diabetes or cardiovascular disease.

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alcohol consumption
Consuming too much alcohol can also cause the problem of increasing cholesterol. Because of this, you can also become a victim of diabetes. Consumption of alcohol can increase HDL and you can become a victim of heart stroke.

high cholesterol diet
Harvard Health According to this, if you are a victim of high cholesterol, then you should avoid the consumption of red meat, fried food, processed meat etc. If you are consuming them in the diet, then your cholesterol will be high and your weight will also increase rapidly. In such a situation, it would be better if you consume oatmeal, nuts, fatty fish etc. in your diet.

lack of exercise
Exercise is the easiest way to reduce your cholesterol. If you sit throughout the day, then it works to increase your cholesterol. Whereas if you are working out then it helps in reducing your bad cholesterol level rapidly.

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