These foods rich in selenium improve cardiovascular health, include them in the diet today


Selenium rich food reduces the risk of coronary heart problem.
These foods also provide relief from thyroid problem to a great extent.

Benefits of Selenium Rich Food: Proper diet is essential to stay healthy. Proper eating will happen only when the diet includes vitamins, minerals and many nutrients. Nutrients from food make the body strong, but also increase immunity. There are many minerals that are found naturally and are helpful in fighting many diseases. One such essential mineral is selenium. With the consumption of this selenium rich food, problems related to cardiovascular, thyroid or problems related to fertility, all can be overcome. Its rich sources are Brazil nuts, olive oil etc. Deficiency of selenium can cause problems like muscle weakness, hair loss.

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Selenium Food for Cardiovascular Health
stylecrase According to reports, selenium-rich food reduces the risk of coronary heart problems. It can reduce problems like LDL oxidation, vascular inflammation. Cardiac stress can also be reduced by its consumption. Positive effects on heart health can be seen from selenium supplementation. Therefore, it is believed that selenium-rich food can reduce the problem of cardiovascular disease or inflammation.

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Amount of Selenium Rich Foods According to this, if the lack of selenium in the body is the reason for the problem, then it can also cause problems due to excessive amount of it. Therefore, consume selenium only in the required quantity. A child from 6 months old to 14 years old needs about 15 to 55 mcg daily.

Selenium Rich Foods
-milk and yogurt
-baked beans
-brown rice
-Brazil Nuts

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