This 700CC rickshaw is giving competition to superbikes, people are going crazy, know what is its specialty


Thailand’s EVAT company has launched a three wheeled 700cc rickshaw.
In terms of looks and features, it is giving competition to superbikes.
In Thailand this rickshaw is called EVAT Bangkok Model Tuk Tuk

New Delhi: In our country people travel in three wheeled electric e rickshaw to cover short distance. The government is also promoting electric vehicles. On buying it, different state governments give subsidy. Passengers are also saved from the rising prices of petrol and diesel. Meanwhile, e-rickshaws and scooters of many different companies have been launched in the country. But have you heard about 700 cc rickshaw?

A Bangkok-based company has launched a 700 cc three wheeler rickshaw. This e-rickshaw is giving competition to the best sports bikes. With its launch, it has become quite popular among the youth of Bangkok.

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EVAT launched
Bangkok’s EVAT company has launched this rickshaw. This company mostly manufactures electric vehicles. In Bangkok, three wheeler rickshaws are called tuktuk. Just like in India, you will be able to easily see the service of TukTuk on the roads of Thailand.

In discussion due to exhaust
This rickshaw is in a lot of discussion due to its exhaust. The way the exhaust on a sports bike makes a buffing sound, so does this rickshaw. There is a lot of craze among the youth of Thailand regarding this rickshaw. The company has launched this rickshaw under the name EVAT Bangkok Model Tuk Tuk. In terms of speed too, this tuktuk runs faster than a normal bike. Very few people ride in it because of the high price. However, it has become quite popular among tourists.

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You can book like this in India
This three wheeled 700cc rickshaw has been launched in Bangkok for the time being. In view of its popularity, the company is considering launching it in other countries as well. You can get more information about this by visiting the website. While launching the rickshaw, the company had claimed that it is more safe than other tuktuk in terms of safety.

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