This device of about Rs 350 can also hack the locked computer

Security experts have always advocated protecting computers with strong passwords. But meanwhile hacker Sammy Camkar has created a device which claims to hack any computer in minutes. Its price is 5 dollars (about 340 rupees). This device, which costs around Rs 340, has been named PoisonTap. It has been claimed to hack any computer system, just keep the browser running in the background.

the camera has a blog post “The PoisonTap is built for the $5 Raspberry Pi Zero. It doesn’t have any other components except micro-USB and microSD cards,” it wrote.

The camcar wrote about this device when PoisonTap is plugged in to a device (password protected). It acts like an Ethernet device connected over USB and in a way captures all the Internet traffic on the machine. The device then begins to store and detect all HTTP cookies. In this sequence it becomes possible to attack the internal router. And it becomes possible to access it from a remote location as well. The device then installs a web based back door. After this the hacker can pressurize the user to send HTTP request according to his wish and can also decide the response himself. The camera says that the machine doesn’t even need to be unlocked for this device to work. It manages to make a thief door. Remote access remains intact even if the device is removed from the system.

the camera Motherboard “It’s fully automatic. You plug it in and leave it on for a while. Then afterward take the device out of the system and go away. You don’t even need to know what to do.” “

He also explained how to protect computer from PoisonTap. The user has to take care to close the browser every time it is removed from the system. Turning off the USB/Thunderbolt port also works. Users can also protect their systems from the danger of being hacked by switching to encrypted sleep mode.

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