to forget! Is it normal or serious illness, AIIMS doctor said, check with these 10 points

New Delhi. It is common to forget many things in everyday life. There will be hardly any person who always remembers all his things and who does not forget to do any important work. Not only the elderly but also young children and young people often forget their things, work and important things. Forgetfulness is a normal thing, but sometimes it becomes a serious disease. Dementia-related mental disorders, Alzheimer’s, etc. are similar diseases that start with mild forgetfulness and progress to severe hallucinations and disturbances of mental balance. In such a situation, if you also forget some things or forget it often, then it is important to know whether it is a sign of some disease or not.

Your forgetfulness is normal or is leading you towards some serious disease. You can check it sitting at home. A 10 point test has been prepared by the Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders Society of India Delhi branch, through which you can find out your forgetfulness.

Common symptoms of Alzheimer’s
1. Temporarily forgetting the name of the co-worker and not remembering the name later.
2. Forgetting to put the keys. Forgetting whether the food is eaten or not, forgetting to leave it cooked on the stove.
3. murmuring at not being able to pronounce the correct synonym for forgetting the correct word
4. Forgetting for a moment where you are, wandering even on familiar roads.
5. Forgetting the main subject in the talks, unable to remember the forgotten topic.
6. There is an imbalance in the calculation of the check book, not being able to understand what the number is made of the numbers written in it
7. Forgetting to keep the watch or glasses, then putting the watch in the wrong place, thinking back to wash the glasses, put it in a glass of water
8. Passing a bad day
9. Gradual change in personality Sudden strong change in personality
10. Bored with household chores but disinterested in household chores as if it were non-existent
start doing it again. is necessary.

Delhi about this All India Institute of Medical Sciences Professor in the Department of Neurology at the Center for Neuroscience and President of ARDSI Dr. Manjari Tripathi says that Be it Alzheimer’s or dementia, it all starts with our daily forgetfulness and flourishes during the course of becoming severe. If there is a problem of forgetting someone in the house, then through these 10 points, the person himself can check whether he is not in the grip of illness or not. After this, not only can they become aware and take special care of the family, but they can also go to the doctor if needed. Be it Alzheimer’s or dementia, public awareness about them is very important so that these diseases can be prevented.

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