Try these methods to increase the battery life of the smartphone

Understanding the demand of smartphone users, handset makers are now launching in the mobile market with big display, powerful processor for multitasking and full HD + display. Despite having a large mAh battery in the phone, if the battery life is not good, then it may be that you are doing some mistake. Today, through our article, we will tell you about some such important and important things which will prove to be helpful for you.

Most of the smartphones come with either 3,000 mAh or 4,000 mAh battery. There are only a few smartphones that are equipped with 5,000 mAh battery. Even after a large mAh battery, the phone does not last more than a day. This is because many times we make such mistakes, due to which the battery has to bear the brunt. Due to these mistakes, the battery life starts to have a profound effect and then the battery life starts falling slowly. You can improve battery life by following the steps mentioned below.

1) Set the brightness to low or auto-brightness mode

The demand for smartphones with 18: 9 and 19: 9 ratio is increasing. This is the reason why now handset makers are focusing more of their attention on the display. But do you know that the phone displays the highest battery consumption. If you want to increase the battery life, then first of all, reduce the brightness or activate the auto-brightness feature present in the phone. Doing this will reduce battery consumption and increase battery life.

display brightness

2) Reduce screen time out

Understanding the demand of smartphone users, now most phones are coming with HD + display. As we told you above that the most consumption in the phone is from the display. In such a situation, it is advisable to keep the screen time out low. In the settings menu, you will either see the option of Screen time out or Sleep. If your phone is currently set to 2 minutes then set it to 15 seconds or 30 seconds. By doing this the battery life will be good.

3) Keep bluetooth and wifi off

Due to the increasing trend of wireless, the Bluetooth of the phone remains mostly active. As headsets, wireless speakers and activity trackers use the phone’s Bluetooth, battery consumption tends to increase. Not only Bluetooth but also features like WiFi, Mobile Data (3G/4G) and Hotspot also affect the battery life in the phone. It is advisable to turn off Bluetooth and WiFi when they are not in use. Doing this will improve battery life.

4) Close background applications

Handset maker companies are using powerful processors for multitasking in smartphones. In such a situation, users keep using one application after another, but as we all know that even after closing the app, these apps keep running in the background. If you want to improve battery life, then close these background apps.

5) Keep Vibrate Mode Off

Avoid doing this if you keep your phone on vibrate mode most of the time. The vibrate motor spins and shakes the phone, due to which the battery consumption starts increasing. If vibrate mode is not required in the phone, then leave this feature switched off.

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