TVS Ronin 225 will give competition to big superbikes, know what is special


TVS Ronin 225 bike is giving competition to BMW’s sport bikes
You can bring this bike to your home by paying just Rs 1.49 lakh
This bike accelerates to 100 in just 5.7 seconds

New Delhi: TVS company has recently launched a bike. Bike lovers were waiting for this for almost 1 year. A year ago, the company had talked about bringing it to the market. TVS did not launch it last year due to Kovid. In terms of features and looks, this bike competes with super bikes. It looks like a BMW bike. The booking of this bike is going on very loudly.

Looking at the features and looks, the company has launched it at a very low price. There is no other bike in the market in the price of this bike which can compete with it. You can buy this bike online and from TVS outlets.

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TVS Ronin 225
The company recently launched the TVS Ronin 225 bike. It is available in the market in three variants. Talking about the variants, it is TVS RONIN SS, TVS RONIN DS and TVS RONIN TD. The biggest feature of this bike is that it automatically starts cooling when it gets hot. It has a large oil cooler and O3C cylinder which helps in cooling it down. The seat of this bike is very comfortable. Being a 17-inch wheel, short people can also drive it.

This will give competition to superbikes
In terms of features as well as look and design, it competes with BMW bikes. The way BMW bikes use LED lights for the head light and integrator, similarly this TVS bike has also been provided with LED lighting. The integrator of this bike is also LED. Hybrid technology has been used in the brake system. The monoshock has been given at the rear of this bike. At the front, there is a 41mm USD monoshock.

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price too low
The price of this bike starts from Rs 1.49 lakh. This bike is available in three variants, the price of the top variant is Rs 1.69 lakh. It is equipped with auto start stop feature. It has two ABS modes, Urban and Rain. In slippery conditions, the rain mode does not cause accidents. This is a 225.9cc bike. In this, along with digital speedometer, features like call receive and reject are available. If someone calls while riding a bike, you can receive or disconnect the call by pressing the self button.

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