Two cups of tea can reduce the risk of death, research revealed


Drinking two or more cups of tea per day reduces the risk of death compared to non-drinkers
Researchers analyzed 11 years of data related to tea drinking behavior

Benefits of tea: Most of us start our day with a cup of tea. But do you know about the benefits of tea? A recent study revealed that drinking tea reduces the risk of death. Annals of Internal Medicine According to a recent study, drinking two or more cups of tea per day was associated with a lower risk of death compared to non-drinkers. Actually, beneficial compounds like antioxidants are found in tea, which are beneficial for overall health in many ways. Earlier studies in China and Japan said that drinking green tea regularly improves health and reduces the risk of dying. However, previous studies did not take into account the benefits of drinking black tea.

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The risk of death is reduced by up to 13 percent
In the study, the researcher used data from the UK Biobank. In this data, there was a record of many years of about 5 lakh population between the age of 40 to 69 years. The researchers wanted to see the relationship between drinking tea and the risk of dying in that population. Most of these people used to drink black tea. Biobank data was analyzed on the health of about 5 lakh men and women. These people reported how many cups of tea they drank on average in a day, whether it was black tea or green tea. Apart from this, whether he had mixed milk or sugar in the tea or not. Apart from this, some genetic information was also collected. 90 percent of the people in the study regularly drank black tea. Researchers analyzed 11 years of data related to all these tea drinking behavior. It was then found that those who reported drinking two or more cups of tea a day had a 9 to 13 percent reduced risk of death from all causes, compared to those who did not drink tea.

Helpful in reducing the risk of stroke
When the researchers tried to test which diseases had the greatest benefit from drinking tea, they found that tea reduced the risk of stroke, heart disease and other heart-related diseases the most. The study also found that drinking just one cup of tea daily did not reduce the risk of dying. In general, people who drank 2 cups to 10 cups of tea daily had a lower risk of death. Researchers also found that even after adding sugar or milk to tea, the risk of death was reduced.

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