Understand in simple language how EV works, how the wheels rotate with one battery and four motors


The battery pack is the most important part of an electric car, it decides the range and power.
In an electric car, the DC power of the battery pack is converted into AC by the electric motor.
A diesel-petrol powered vehicle requires a transmission instead of a drive mode.

New Delhi: There is a steady increase in the demand for electric cars in the market. Now electric cars are being seen as the future. This is the reason why most of the companies are now taking out range and performance electric cars in the market. There are also many companies in India which are engaged in making electric cars. It also has many benefits. Although their mechanism is as simple as it looks complex. Let us understand it in simple language that how EV works.

An electric car consists of a battery pack, power control unit, electric motor, drive mode and battery charger. Because of all these things this car runs

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battery pack
The battery pack is considered to be the most important part of any electric car. This determines the range and power of the car. The battery pack is the most expensive in an electric car. It is fitted in the car. There are small modules in the battery pack, which gives the power to drive the car. This is a normal battery but it has more capacity.

electric motor
This is also an essential part of the car. The power received from the battery pack is transmitted to the motor after the DC to AC converter. After this the motor transmits the power to the axle or say that it works to rotate the axle. Some EVs get a per wheel motor, while some have two or only one.

drive mode
This is only one type of transmission. Like other vehicles have gears. Electric cars do not have gears but have a single transmission system that controls the reverse and front movement. You can also call it single gear.

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battery charger
The battery charger is an important component for an electric car. It converts AC power to DC and works to charge the battery. Generally, it is seen that the battery takes a long time to charge. This is the reason that there is ampere loss when there is power conversion from AC to DC. Due to which it takes time to charge the battery.

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