Vomiting and restlessness can also be signs of high blood pressure, if you ignore it, there may be danger


According to WHO, 1.28 billion people worldwide are victims of high blood pressure.
Most people don’t even know they have high blood pressure.
If BP becomes 180/120 then it is called Hypertensive Crisis.

high blood pressure High blood pressure and diabetes have become very common diseases in modern lifestyle. People do not pay much attention to it but both these diseases are called silent killers. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 1.28 billion people between the ages of 20 and 79 are suffering from high blood pressure worldwide. Surprisingly, 46 percent of these people are not even aware that they have high blood pressure. Less than half of people get treatment for hypertension. If the measurement of blood pressure in an adult person is 140/90 then it is high blood pressure. Although high blood pressure can be cured in such a person, but they do not know about it.

Mayo Clinic
According to the website of Hypertension, when the blood pressure of a patient of high blood pressure suddenly becomes 180/120, it is called Hypertensive Crisis. This is a medical emergency. In this, if the patient is not admitted to the hospital immediately, then brain haemorrhage can occur. Apart from this, there may be a risk of kidney failure, heart attack. It can damage the blood vessels and body organs of the kidney, heart, brain and eyes. Usually this happens when the person is not aware that he already has high blood pressure. In such a situation, it is important to know what are the symptoms of hypertensive crisis.

Symptoms of Hypertensive Crisis

High blood pressure turns into a hypertensive crisis. But before that some symptoms start showing. When a person ignores these symptoms, he has to face hypertensive crisis. Before becoming hypertensive, a person already starts showing symptoms such as anxiety, chest pain, tension, blurred vision, confusion, nausea and vomiting, severe headache, difficulty in breathing.

What is the reason of this

Not taking BP medicine or forgetting to take medicine.
Do not take heart medicines.
Sometimes hypertensives can also be caused by the reaction of some medicines.
If there is a tumor in the adrenal gland, then it can also become hypertensive.

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