The gas-powered Dodge Charger and Challenger are reaching the end of their useful lives.

Brampton, Ontario, plant production will end in December 2023.

In August, Dodge dealers will begin offering convertible Challengers, which the automaker had never offered the factory.

A power hydraulic roof and chassis reinforcements are added as part of the conversion.

A glass rear window is included in the soft-top, which is insulated.

The cost of the conversion is $25,999 plus the price of the vehicle being converted.

It is estimated that a basic R/T convertible will cost just over $66,000.

Lastly, the Challenger and Charger will receive some special visual treatments for 2023.

There are four colors returning: B5 Blue, Plum Crazy, Sublime and Destroyer Grey.

Rather than just Redeyes, regular Hellcat models will be available with the Jailbreak special edition.

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