Ford announced that the 2023 Ford Maverick will come with a Tremor package.

Tremor increases go-anywhere capability without adding a lot of specialized features that push the price up.

It was designed to give customers a lower-cost sport truck option with the 2014 Ford F-150.

This strategy was later adapted by the Super Duty Tremor and Ranger Tremor variants of the 2021 F-150.

A 250-horsepower turbocharged 2.0-liter engine and FX4 package are now available on the 2023 Maverick XLT and Lariat.

Almost all rear power can be directed to one wheel by a twin-clutch rear-drive system.

Its popularity has proved popular on Ford's larger pickups, according to Todd Eckert, Ford's pickup marketing manager.

Maverick models will be offered with the Tremor package at a MSRP of $2,995.

Additional $1,495 will be charged if you choose the appearance package.

Due to overwhelming demand, the Maverick order banks were shut down since December and for the gas-only model since January.

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