The iPhone carries Apple Maps as its native mapping solution, making it the number one Google Maps rival.

In some countries, such as the United States, Apple Maps is the ideal alternative to Google Maps.

As a result, Apple tends to take some ideas from its competitor to improve its own offering. A bad part of Google Maps may also be copied by Apple.

Recently, it was revealed that a series of new products will have ads, a move we've heard about for a while.

That is, Apple Maps could display search ads for certain keywords at the top of the results page.

Apple is now accelerating its efforts to offer what Google Maps has already been providing for quite some time.

A recent report suggests that Apple Maps will start showing ads next year, following this approach.

It is obvious that Apple's strategy is to generate more revenue through ads, which makes sense at some level.

Since Apple's ad integration is poor in other products, Maps users may not like this new strategy.

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