Aptera Gamma Solar Electric Vehicle Unveiled in United States

Image Cradits: Aptera Motors / Youtube

Aptera's Gamma prototype was unveiled at Fully Charged Live in San Diego.

Solar electric vehicles have been a long journey for Aptera in the United States.

Three alpha versions of the Aptera SEV were released in black, white, and metallic silver by the end of 2020.

As of 2023, Aptera plans to establish a new workshop in California that will produce sEVs.

The solar-powered car has received 32,000 reservations so far - 10,000 in the last four months alone.

Aptera is fast and aerodynamic two-seater with three wheels - optional all-wheel-drive.

Price quotes for eccentric machines start at $29.5K, but can go as high as double the base amount.

You must pay a $100 reservation fee to reserve your Aptera today.

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