In eight and a half years, a quarter of a million EV/hybrid hatchbacks were sold in 74 countries.

BMW will inevitably discontinue the i3, but not before it sends off this icon in style, the iX1.

BMW Welt in Munich, Germany, held a special delivery ceremony for the final 18 i3's for lucky customers.

To honor the i3's longstanding success, all cars were finished in Galvanic Gold and black.

i3 production ended in the US in 2021, and the global announcement was made this year.

Since its production began in 2013, the high-riding hatchback has offered electric driving ranges ranging from 81 to 153 miles.

It is BMW's most successful EV worldwide, and one of the most successful electrified vehicles in history.

There is a battery-electric 3 Series sedan in China bearing the i3 name, and the iX1 crossover will soon replace the small hatchback in the US.

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