BMW's XM is close to its reveal, and this time we have some new images that show off its design.

Photo credits: Patent filing by BMW, found by user on iXForums 

Patent filing photographs of BMW are closer to the production model than any concept or render.

Despite watering down some of the styling elements of the XM, the German automaker maintained most of them.

A group of people on the iXForums found the images since they are naturally interested in electric BMW SUVs.

Air curtains and the front grille look more production-spec than concept cars, as well as lights, mirrors, and rear lights.

Traditional handles on the vehicle's doors have been chosen over fancy and novel opening methods. It is possible that BMW has a point here.

Since BMW XM is going down the odd-shaped exhaust tip route in the first place, it is not surprising that it continues to do so.

We should see the production version of the XM soon, since BMW will begin building it later this year.

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