With slim headlamps and a thin light strip, the modern Chevrolet Nomad stands out from the Ingolstadt executive estate.

Having an aggressive trim and large air intakes, this bumper has a very Camaro-like look.

Adding some tweaks to ABT's Audi RS 6 Avant, the hood, doors, and quarter panels have been softened.

There is a taller roofline to increase headroom for back seat passengers and improve cargo space.

Chevy center caps top its new wheels, and the body and roof are painted red with black accents.

Chevrolet Nomad E SS is the unofficial name for this model, where the 'E' stands for 'electric.'

This resulted in a powerful RS 6 with an electric motor driving each wheel and a battery pack to power the motors.

As such body styles become less popular in the West, a brand-new Nomad seems far fetched at the moment.

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