This is DeLorean's first time back in the automotive business since a long absence.

The 300-mile Alpha5 is the first order of business.

An EV following the DMC-12 with its Peugeot-Renault-Volvo V6 engine could follow.

The engine of a low-slung coupe with a curvaceous body is unknown.

People eager to purchase the Alpha2 called DMC after its debut.

It appears that a small batch of road-going cars is being considered by company boss Joost de Vries.

He added that the Alpha2 evolved from the DMC-24, a project that was never completed by DeLorean.

With a 0.23 drag coefficient, the Alpha5 will become a four-seat coupe by 2024.

There is no information on pricing, but all estimates point towards a starting price over $100,000.

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