A fully electric version of the Dodge Charger Daytona SRT "Banshee" Concept has been unveiled by Dodge.

"Banshee" is a fully electric, American muscle car without an engine or hybrid.

This concept will use Dodge's 800V electric all-wheel drive system, named Banshee, for propulsion.

Hemi, Hellcat, and Redeye, Dodge's other high-performance brands, are similarly branded Banshee.

Dodge Chargers are equipped with exhaust systems.

It's not an exhaust system, instead it's a few speakers that sound like exhaust.

Fratzonic references a three-pronged Dodge logo from the 60s and 70s called Fratzog.

In unprotected ears, fratzonic exhausts can produce sound levels equal to the Dodge Hellcat - 126dB of sound.

Banshee electric concept sits alongside Hellcat and Redeye in the "Brotherhood of Muscle" so it can't be a low horsepower car.

In the next couple years, we expect to see the final product take a form similar to this concept.

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