Ten percent of Ford's recalled trucks would have this problem, according to the company.

Heat buildup and/or material thickness reduction can cause the driveshaft to fracture.

The second biggest auto company in the US issued recall campaign 22V-087 in February 2022 affecting 247,445 pickups.

Due to their similarity, the second recall shouldn't surprise anyone.

F-150 models manufactured in 2021 and 2022 are added to the tally by recall campaign 22V-623.

It affects 4WD crew cabs with 145-inch wheel bases.

Ford Motor Company refers to the XLT, XLT 301A, and XLT 400A equipment packages.

Underbody insulator contact with driveshafts has reportedly caused four warranty reports in the United States.

A letter to owners will be mailed between September 5th and September 9th.

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