A modern-retro fifth generation Mustang, the S197, pays homage to prior Mustang eras.

Some say the current model is more into sports cars than ever before despite its muscle-focused design credo.

The 2024 S650 looks to be more of the same, too.

A pixel master on social media, theSketchMonkey, is already on board with bringing back the Fox Body Mustang.

Considering he envisions a return of the Ford Mustang Fox Body in 2023, it is only natural.

His favorite Mustang design, the 1967 fastback, is discussed as usual as a side dish.

At 6:47, he finally begins the boxy CGI proceed with hints of what is to come.

Wheels and wider tires are included, along with 2015 Mustang parts (restyled trim and front bumper).

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