Ford Recalls 65K Maverick Pickup Truck For New Airbags

An NHTSA compliance audit of the Maverick was contacted by Ford Motor Company.

NHTSA doesn't like how the side-curtain airbags deploy.

According to Ford, the displacement results in July 2022 ranged from 102 to 107.3 mm.

ZF Passive Safety US Inc of Mexico manufactured the side-curtain airbags for Ford.

Ford is still investigating the cause of this problem.

Modules LZ6B-E042D95-AD and LZ6B-E042D94-AD are designated as back, side-curtain airbags.

It is estimated that 64,974 vehicles have substandard airbags, with 100 percent of them being recalled.

A plant in Hermosillo built the suspect Maverick trucks between February 3rd, 2021 and July 9th, 2022.

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