Gogoro, a Taiwan-based maker of electric two-wheelers, has launched its Delight electric scooter.

A huge U-shaped trunk light adorns the Gogoro Delight electric scooter.

Furthermore, it has a refillable fragrance section.

Both the basic and premium models are powered by the same engine.

The power generating motors on both are 7.0 kW

A 48 kmph top speed can be reached by the electric scooter because of its motor.

The scooters can reach speeds of 150 kmph after a full charge.

There is a walking mode and a reverse mode on both scooters.

LED backlighting is available on them.

As well as this, the mainstand has a safety switch.

Furthermore, the scooter is equipped with touch start buttons, mechanical switches, and smart keys.

The modes include Smart, Normal, Super Boost, and Low Energy.

There are advanced safety and comfort features like liquid cool, poly chain carbon belt, dual rear suspension, hydraulic disc brake, and SBS.