Tires are being developed by the Company for Lockheed Martin's upcoming lunar vehicle.

A new dimension of Goodyear's business is going to be extraterrestrial.

As part of NASA's upcoming Artemis missions to the moon, Lockheed Martin is developing Lunar Terrain Vehicles (LTVs) that this company will design tires for.

The vehicle's design is also a collaboration between GM and Lockheed Martin, according to the company's announcement in May 2021.

In addition to supporting micromobility on earth, Goodyear will apply its airless tire technology to Lunar transportation.

There have already been tests in lunar test beds on soil concepts performed by the companies as part of the project.

Built exclusively for excursions within five miles of their landing sites, they were designed to last only a few days.

GM, Goodyear, and Lockheed Martin are working on the design of a new LTV to operate in extreme conditions.

Tires are survive temperatures as high as 250°F during the day and as low as -250°F at night.

"Our experiences with tire manufacturing on the Moon will help us make better airless tires on Earth," said Goodyear's Chief Technology Officer.

NASA expects to land its first vehicle on the Moon by 2025, with the first woman and first person of color walking on the Moon during its first landed mission.

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