A roadster version of Hennessey's Venom F5 is about to receive unlimited headroom thanks to the removal of its roof.

In place of the Venom GT Spyder, the roofless hypercar will make a presence at The Quail.

With the panels off, owners can enjoy the fresh air and hear more of that sweet V8 sound.

The Venom F5 Roadster will carry over the coupe's 6.6-liter "Fury" twin-turbo engine.

According to the tuner, 1,817 horsepower will make it the most powerful roadster of them all.

Dual-clutch semiautomatic transmissions with paddle shifters are also expected to handle the massive output.

A glaring omission on the Venom F5 accounts for its light weight. It lacks airbags.

We expect the Roadster to be exclusive as well, and we don't expect it to be as pricey as the coupe ($2.1 million).

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