Elden Ring depends on runes to sustain its characters.


The Elden Ring has a number of locations where you can farm runes and quickly level up.

Greyoll's Dragonbarrow is an efficient way to farm runes early in the game.

The enemies in this area do not require extremely powerful weapons to do battle with them.

Until you have the strength to fight the bosses, you simply need to kill a lot of foes and avoid them.

When you get there, you'll see plenty of easy-to-kill mobs. Your kills will earn you 1,000 runes each.

It might be beneficial to stealth the mobs from behind in order to maximize the amount of runes farmed.

Discover the statue with open arms in the Third Church of Marika.

Road can be found behind the statue. Until you reach a small cliff, follow the road.

A portal will take you to your destination if you jump off the right side of the cliff.

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