Land Rover Defender Trophy Edition Will Debuts in 2023

The 2023 Defender Trophy Edition was another return to Land Rover's heritage well

North American land rovers will be limited to only 250 models.

This is the first iteration in the Trophy Edition series, following the 2021 debut of the four-door Defender 110.

Land Rover added a trailer hitch as well as Extended Black Exterior, Air Suspension, Cold Climate, and Off-Road option packs.

Land Rover Experience Center in Manchester, Vermont is hosting a one-day off-road competition for buyers.

For $5,001 per team, Land Rover will allow competitors in the 2021 Trophy Competition to return in 2022.

Approximately 250 Defender Trophy Editions will be produced in 2023, with 220 destined for the United States and the rest for Canada.

A P400 X-Dynamic SE trim with a straight-six engine will cost you $71,575, according to the Trophy Edition price list.

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