Mahindra XUV Electric SUV Names Leak

It has been announced that Mahindra will unveil five electric SUVs

During the event in Oxfordshire, UK, all of these will be unveiled

It was designed by Mahindra Advanced Design Europe, which is based in West Midlands

A total of eight new names have been registered by Mahindra as per trademark filings

They are XUV-e1, XUV-e2, XUV-e3, XUV-e5, XUV-e6, XUV-e7, XUV-e8 and XUV-e9.

There is no mention of XUV-e4. The leaked list does not include it yet

With this naming strategy, Mahindra clearly wants XUVs to be associated with the XUV brand.

Despite Mahindra confirming only the launch of five electric SUVs on 15th August

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