A naturally aspirated engine of 10,000 rpm powers McLaren's Vision Gran Turismo car.

The twin-turbo V8, the MonoCage II, and some vaguely familiar styling make this another McLaren special.

The new engine produces 840hp and reaches speeds above 10,000rpm, McLaren estimates.

Even the most extreme McLaren road cars can't match the Solus GT in terms of carbon fibre.

As a track car, who cares about vibrations in the engine and sequential gearbox?

A magnesium paneled, aluminium cased gearbox hangs from the rear suspension.

Pre-preg carbon is also used in the chassis to increase structural toughness.

In spite of its low weight, the Solus GT produces 1,200kg of downforce.

A slick or a wet tyre can be chosen, both to LMP specs. There's a carbon clutch as well.

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