Google Maps

Maps will now show energy-efficient routes as a result of the new feature.

The car will be able to charge up faster, which will reduce the number of stops.

As a result, it might be quicker to travel along that route than other routes.

However, since gas stations are aplenty and charging stations are scarce, it might be necessary.

Electric vehicles are beginning to appear on the roads in greater numbers.

A string of code in the latest version of the beta APK mentions this new feature, as reported by 9To5Google.

A route will be shown that is "more fuel efficient" based on the engine type, as per those mentionings.

In the navigation screen, users can note the type of engine they are using.

A more fuel-efficient route will be displayed on the map as a result.

As a result, both hybrid and regular fuel and diesel engines will be catered to.

Your engine type shouldn't need to be chosen based on the wording.

This is not necessary, but it can be done if you want more fuel-efficient routes.

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