Next-Gen Ford Mustang Teaser Confirms V8 Engine

An official teaser for Ford's seventh-generation Mustang has been released.

We can see the Mustang logo and V8 rumbling in the short video.

The V8 symphony starts as soon as it cranks up, snarls as it idles, and then pops and bangs when rumbled.

As well, we heard a tyre squeal along with the V8 acceleration away.

Next-generation Ford Mustangs will come with greatly improved V8 engines.

The base versions can also be equipped with the 2.3-liter EcoBoost turbocharged four-cylinder engine.

Ford has already confirmed that the new Mustang will offer a manual gearbox, only it is most likely to be a new one.

Our first look at the new Mustang will come on 14 September when Ford takes the car on tour from Dearborn to Hart Plaza.

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