NIO's NeoPark facility rolled off the line today with its 500,000th electric drive system.

With the completion of this project, the new sedan NIO ET5 and future models will be produced.

The facility is located at NeoPark in Hefei, Anhui province, and has been built to produce 1.3 million electric drive systems annually.

The development was revealed by Zeng Shuxiang in an interview with NIO's App today.

NeoPark uses automated logistics, 3-D vision recognition technology, and 6-axis robots in its manufacturing line.

Over 80 percent of the line is automated, and it produces both permanent magnet and induction motors.

At this base, NIO ET5's electric drive system made its first C sample today.

First tooling trial builds of the NIO ET5 rolled off the production line on April 29 at NIO's second manufacturing plant in NeoPark.

The current range of NIO models all feature dual motors, which means the company can produce 250,000 cars with 500,000 electric drive systems.

In June, NIO delivered 12,961 vehicles, bringing the total to 217,897 deliveries since its inception. August 1 is the expected date for announcing July deliveries.

This is the first time the NIO ET5 products a front-mounted motor with 150 kW and a rear-mounted motor with 210 kW.

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