Porsche and Pixar's Amazing Creation

Porsche 911 Sally Special that comes closest to seeing Sally in person.


Pixar's Cars, Sally Carrera makes her first appearance.

Sally Carrera from Walt Disney's hit animated film Cars inspired Porsche.

Porsche and Pixar launch the 911 Sally Special

In this project, Pixar collaborated first with Porsche to create only one 911 Sally Special.

The blue color and interior of the new Porsche was developed by Daniela Miloevi, Porsche's interior designer.

Porsche Sally Special

On August 20, RM Sotheby's will auction the 911 Sally Special and donate the proceeds to charity.

A timepiece created by Porsche Design and Pixar will be the only one ever made.

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A real-life Porsche inspired by Walt Disney's Cars has been created by Porsche and Pixar Animation Studios.