In 1968, Ralph Gilles drove a two-seat Dodge Charger dubbed "Hellucination".

Photo Credit: Naveed Yousufzai/FCA 

Its stock muscle-car origins are evident in many modifications, including the removal of the rear bench.

In the automotive industry, Gilles is a favorite.

No car has ever been so tempting as this high-powered, carbon-fiber pavement striper.

It sounds like a Labrador retriever is whining at a table left at shoulder height with Thanksgiving dinner on it.

A champagne flute from a bridal shower sits delicately in the hand of the leather-wrapped steering wheel.

In his current position, he oversees the design of all new vehicles across the company's product line.

SpeedKore has a team of specialists who specialize in composite work, as well as 3D printing and CNC machining.

Car weight is about 3990 pounds, with a 55/45 weight bias.

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