Porsche plans to purchase a 50% stake in Red Bull's Formula 1 team according to documents published by Morocco's Conseil de la Concurrence.

Audi & Porsche have been rumored to enter Formula 1 in recent years, approaching several teams to acquire stakes or even entire buyouts.

The brand is negotiating to purchase a 75 percent stake in Sauber F1 Team, while Audi is talking with McLaren about a 50% stake in Red Bull Technology Ltd.

Getting approval from anti-cartel authorities around the world to join up two companies is a step in the formal process of entering a partnership.

Moroccan legislation stipulates that applications must be published once approved by the government, so Porsche & Red Bull's documents were published.

The documents reveal Porsche will buy 50 percent of Red Bull's Grand Prix operation as part of a 10-year partnership with Red Bull.

The partnership is also expected to be announced on August 4, 2022, but that is not confirmed.

There is the possibility that Porsche will also power AlphaTauri, even though the documents only disclose a 50 percent buyout of Red Bull Technology Ltd.

Despite this, Red Bull will retain complete control over the Faenza-based team.

Due to the delay in FIA finalizing the 2026 engine regulations, the official announcement of the partnership hasn't happened yet.

FIA's late confirmation of 2021 engine regulations resulted in Volkswagen Group withdrawing from Formula 1 on a number of occasions before this.

With upcoming regulation changes, the VW Group will enter the sport in 2026.

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