The American Navy and Marine Corps have awarded Rolls-Royce two contracts worth over $1.8 billion to service their engines.

Multiple U.S. and allied fleets continue to depend on Rolls-Royce and its defense services.

U.S Navy T-45 flight trainer aircraft have over 200 Rolls-Royce F405 engines that are part of one contract.

Naval Air Stations in Meridian, Mississippi, and Kingsville, Texas, will perform the majority of the work.

Rolls-Royce engines are used in the U.S. Marine Corps C-130J and Kuwaiti government KC-130J aircraft.

Rolls-Royce engines power aircraft in every branch of the U.S. military.

C-130s and C-130Js, V-22 tiltrotors, and Global Hawks and Tritons operate in that fleet.

Rolls-Royce recently completed reengineering work for the Air Force's B-52s, which are based on MQ-25 unmanned carriers.

Navy ships and Army vehicles are also powered by Rolls-Royce engines and propellers.

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