A Shelby American experimental car has been turned into a production vehicle.

The Shelby GT500 Code Red represents the company's first twin-turbo limited edition.

The Shelby GT500 Code Red has a high-performance twin-turbo 5.2-liter V8 engine and an engine management system as well as its bold design.

E85 Ethanol produces 1,300 horsepower and 1,000 lb-ft (1,356 Nm) of torque when it uses 1,058 Newton meters (645 kilowatts) of fuel.

Shelby American also upgraded the wheels, tires, axles, suspension tuning, interior, badges, carbon fiber hood, and interior trim.

A GT500 Code Red experiment is not Shelby American's first. A twin-turbo Code Red was developed in 2008 with the help of Nelson's Racing Engines.

Shelby American made four experimental cars during its 60-year history, including the 2008 GT500 Code Red.

For 2020-2022, there will only be 10 Shelby GT500s built, with a package starting at $209,995.

Shelby Registry, established by Carroll Shelby in 2008, will record all Code Red purchases.

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