Singer Unveils Its First Cabriolet

The Singer Turbo Study revealed not too long ago, and now comes a Porsche 911 Cabriolet variant.

The Singer Cabriolet is the company's first attempt at this type of project.

Singer totally re-bodies the 930 Turbo Cabriolet with carbon fiber bodywork and unique styling.

Featuring the turbo body, whale tail spoiler, and Singer styling, you get it all.

It begins with the Type 964 engine, just like the Turbo Study coupe.

The engine is then turbocharged and features twin wastegates with an 3.8-liter displacement.

You can choose between 450-horsepower and 510-horsepower engines.

Finished in Cadiz Red with black seats and Taratan black trim.

Wood accents in Black Forest Red make up the trim.