GameStop's NFT Market It is already causing controversy less than two weeks after it was released in beta.


One of the NFTs on the platform is called "fall man" that was.

In fact, NFT references a famous picture from the early 21st century.

The image of a falling man was taken by News Agency photographer Richard Drew on September 11, 2001.

"Falling Man" is available in two versions, with a cheaper version priced at 0.65 Ethereum or roughly $990.

Thus, Web3 works flawlessly at GameStop, indicating a regulated market.

The sale of artist tokens is subject to an application and vetting process.

A 2.25 percent cut is taken from each sale. A comment from GameStop was not immediately available.

It is a major issue in the NFT industry to deal with art theft. The platform OpenSea allows people to issue tokens for free.

Additionally, the NFT minimizes the fate of the fallen man, making his last moments merely items for sale.

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