According to reports, developer disappointment with the current state of RPG development has caused the project to stall.

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic's recent internal demo wasn't a big hit with Lucasfilm and Sony.

The project has been paused and Aspyr will seek new opportunities as a result.

Aside from the firing of Minor, Aspyr also dismissed aspyr's art and design directors.

Three years have passed since Aspyr announced the remake of the 2003 Star Wars RPG.

After Lucasfilm and Sony were shown a vertical slice of the game, two employees were fired.

According to Aspyr's parent company Embracer, Saber Interactive will assist in the project, though it is unclear how Aspyr will be involved.

Initially, the Knights of the Old Republic remake was to be limited to PCs and PS5 consoles.

The remake was originally scheduled for late 2022, but insiders suggest it would be more feasible in 2025.

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