This story follows Sierra Six, an agent who specializes in acting as a spy.

The Gray Man

As Sierra is given the task of killing an agent, she discovers that the person she is supposed to kill is not the one she intended to kill.

Sierra Six learns the truth about its top officials after this.

Rege Jean Page, a Bridgerton breakout star, hires Lloyd to locate and kill Sierra.

There is no Rahm inside Lloyd, who is a mentally eccentric person.

Lloyd assigns several commando groups to kill Sierra, including Avik San (Dhanush).

Since it is a Russo Brothers action movie, it is common for vehicles to collide, helicopters and planes to crash and people to get cut up and die.

Like a normal citizen, you will wonder where is the government when a whole continent is destroyed to capture one man.

The film is action packed, so there's no point putting your mind to it.

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