Investing in the World’s Biggest Digital Currency Helped Legitimize It.

“By the End of Q2, Approximately 75% Of Our Bitcoin Purchases Had Been Converted Into Fiat Currency” Tesla Said.

Ev Maker Tesla Announced in February 2021 That It Would Invest $1.5 Billion in Bitcoin and Sell 10% Of Its Stake in April.

A Bitcoin Impairment Dragged Down Tesla’s Second-Quarter Profitability, the Company Said Wednesday.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk Said Bitcoin Was Sold Due to Uncertainty Regarding COVID Shutdowns.

Bitcoin Has Gone Down From a Record High of Almost $69,000 in November.

Following the Sales Disclosures, the Largest Cryptocurrency Lost Over $1.6% Of Its Value to $22,928.

In the Future, Musk May Accept Dogecoin Through His Other Company, SPACEX.

Post-market Trading in Microstrategy Inc. Shares Showed the Company Was Down Around 4%.

Its Bitcoin Pile Was Worth Around $3.4 Billion Less Than It Was at the End of the First Quarter.