Mirrorless Nikon systems use the Z mount, but F-mount SLR lenses can be used with adapters.

Photographers who have used Nikon lenses and cameras for years might not want to buy them all again.

Most people buy a standard zoom lens with their first camera. Full-frame cameras typically have a wide angle of view, starting at about 24mm or 28mm.

An image with a wide angle has a grand scale. For landscapes, architectural work, and group shots, you'll see more of the world in every frame. For dramatic close-ups, some can focus very close.

A few Nikon lenses are native to the Z-mount. There are two excellent options: the 70-200mm F2.8 VR S and the 100-400mm F4.5-5.6 VR S.

There are numerous reasons why photographers prefer prime lenses. They usually capture more light and can lead to blurrier backgrounds than zooms.

The Z MC 105mm and the Z MC 50mm F2.8 are Nikon's two dedicated macro lenses.

Many camera systems support manual focus and special effects lenses. Lensbaby and Lomography lenses are compatible with Z cameras if you use an adapter.

The Nikkor Z 50, for instance, is available in a DX format, which means you can use it with most Nikkor Z lenses.

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