It is important to compare quotes from at least three different insurance providers in order to find the best home insurance coverage for you.

Homeowners Insurance

Home insurance quotes are usually estimates, not actual calculations of what level of coverage you need.

Insure your house for its replacement value, i.e. the cost of rebuilding it after a disaster.

All your furnishings, appliances, and electronics will need personal property coverage.

Last but not least, if you're sued, you'll have enough protection to protect your entire net worth.

After you've compared quotes, you can customize your policy to meet your insurance needs.

It is also important that your policy meets the requirements of your lender, if you have one.

If you live in an area prone to flooding, your homeowner's policy may not cover flooding damage.

The next step is to review the policy and decide if you want to buy it after you've compared quotes and answered all your questions.

Finally, you need to set your policy dates. A home insurance policy period begins and ends on the dates you select.

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