European Central Bank

In Order to Combat Record Inflation, the ECB Will Hike Rates in July and September.

ECB Price Stability Mandates a New Antifragmentation Tool and a Sizeable Rate Hike.

Germany’s Producer Prices in June Were 32.7% Higher Than a Year Ago, and Euro Zone Inflation for June Was 8.6%.

It Appears That Things Are Slowly Improving, However, and There Are Signs That Suggest It May Be a Slow Process.

The Euro Jumped to Almost a Two-Week High on Tuesday, Prompting the ECB to Consider a 50 Basis Point Hike.

In Light of Another Severe Political Crisis in Italy, Details of the New Antifragmentation Tool Will Be Closely Watched.

Price Stability is the Primary Mandate of the ECB, Which Is Addressed by the New Tool and a Rate Hike of a Significant Amount.

A Year-Over-Year Increase of 32.7% Was Recorded in German Producer Prices for June, up From 8.6% In May.

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