Sleep tracking on the Apple Watch is hampered by the battery life, which is the biggest problem for many users.

Apple Watch

The inclusion of fast-charging on the Apple Watch 7 seems like a tacit admission of this.

You'll receive a notification from your Apple Watch when it's getting close to bedtime for charging.

Despite having a Series 7, I can often get two days of battery life from it if I don't track workouts, minimize the time spent using apps, and turn off the always-on display.

Fast-charging is not available to older watch owners or those who like to reach their "Stand" goals late at night. Also, the admittedly old Series 3 cannot be fast-charged.

It's not a huge issue if you don't care about sleeping tracking, but it's a big issue if you have an interest in learning more about your body and rhythms.

However, watchOS remains leagues ahead of the competition, barring battery life.

Some of its features didn't pan out, but it's still the most flexible wearable OS available today.

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