Weird Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 Revealed With 7.3L V8

Photos : Youtube

A Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 test mule with a large hood bulge appeared on the streets.

You're right if you guessed that it's a 7.3-liter pushrod V8 under the bonnet.

Actually, there was a purpose behind that awkward bulge - it provided clearance for the upward-facing intake manifold entry point.

Basically, Wilson says, the Shelby GT350 is a testbed for 7.3L pushrod crate engines.

Among the many Godzilla V8 crate engines offered by Ford Performance, there is the 10R140 automatic transmission.

As of 2020, Ford no longer plans to shoehorn the pushrod V8 into its Mustang.

Canadian Auto Workers union member mentioned that the Mustang and F-150 derivatives will use a 6.8-liter pushrod mill.

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